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Are You Ready Tutorials
Flash and Video Tutorials
Study that argues there are benefits to work and marriage for women.
Funny YouTube illustration
Modeling help changing a tire
Happy/Sad induction research
Family size, TV/cholesterol, and C-section studies
Tom hates going to the dentist and hates the dentist. But when his teeth ache, he is very likely to go.
Every time the toilet flushes you get hit with scalding hot water.  Eventually you automatically leap away when you hear a toilet flush
Loving the smell of coffee, and everything associated with it.
In Rachel’s class, students react with excitement when the bell rings and class is over. During one period, the bell rings in the middle even though class is not over. But, none the less, she see the students get excited when they hear this bell.
Justice Antonin Scalia tells why torture is not cruel and unusual punishment. Would learning theorist agree?
An overview of some of the challenging concepts and predicitons in this theory.
This video allows you to test whether you can engage in formal operations reasoning.
Tests, Measures, and Assessment
This tutorial reviews and drills on computing standard scores from raw scores, or transforming standard scores from one type to another.