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Psychology of Education

8. Personal and Emotional Development




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Reading: pp. 70-97 and Baumeister article(link)

1. Define self concept and summarize the development of self-concept in terms of qualitative changes about our self.

2. Explain the theoretical character of Erik Erikson's stages of Psychosocial Development, e.g., epigenetic principle, social crises, etc. with emphasis on the stages most critical to teacher children and youth.

3. Describe the challenges of achieving identity along with the hazards associated with the inability to achieve a healthy identity.

4. Identity characteristics of Marcia’s four identity statuses, and discuss the implication of these statuses for adolescence.

5. Define self-esteem and discuss the meaning of developmental trends in self-esteem.

6. Critically evaluate the relationship between self-concept, self-esteem, and behavior.

7. Discuss the way in which schools can influence our self esteem with consideration of learned self-esteem and earned self-esteem.

8. Identify the characteristics of bullies and their targets and discuss strategies that are likely to reduce bullying.

9. Define aggression and distinguish instrumental vs. hostile aggression; overt and relational aggression.

10. Outline instinct, drive, environmental learning, social skills, and self-concept theories of the development of aggressive behavior and recognize evidence that supports these approaches.