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Psychology of Education

7. Intelligence and Learner Differences




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Reading: p. 111-121, Ch. 5; Kleinfeld article (link)

1. What is intelligence and how do IQ scores relate to intelligence.

2. Consider general intelligence (Spearman), specific intelligences (Thurstone), and fluid v crystallized intelligence (Cattell) as models for the intelligence construct.

3. Compare and discuss the usefulness of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory.

4. Compare and discuss the usefulness of Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory.

5. Evaluate and critique the usefulness of IQ scores utilizing findings regarding stability and validity.

6. Evaluate the efficacy of grouping children by ability, considering issues about how they are grouped and placed in gifted classes.

7. Demonstrate understanding of the evidence supporting debates over sex differences in intelligence, school treatment and outcomes.

8. Discuss causes for racial, ethnic and socioeconomic status differences in school achievement.

9. Describe the possible effects of prejudice, racial discrimination, and stereotype threat on minority students.