Experimental Research Project

Project Instructions

This project requires that you find to experimental studies, and apply the course concepts to these experiments.

Project Tutorial

Review this tutorial to get additional instruction on searching for articles and writing the library research project report.  However, follow the project directions since they may change and the tutorial may not.  This tutorial was constructed for a more extensive project and may have some things that are not required in this project.  But it includes the activities needed to complete this shorter project.  Note that the way to link to PSYCHINFO in the tutorial is not our webcourse page.  Instead, use the link listed on blackboard. As the library changes, other small features could change as well, and I will note these when identified.

Example Report

This file shows an example from a previous student which illustrates what a report might look like. Some specifics of directions could vary, so be sure your report follows the assignment guide.

Scoring Rubric

This shows the criteria I will use when grading your report.

PsychInfo Database

This link takes you to the list of databases available in the library. Then simply select PSYCHINFO from the list.  

Note that this link should be used instead of the method shown in the Library Research Project Tutorial.