Tables and Calculators

Probability Calculator

This is an alternative to tables, allowing the calculation of probabilities and critical values with means (Mu) and standard deviations (sigma), critical values.

Rstats calculators

The Missouri State Rstats Institute has a number of statistical calculators which may be useful.

Power calculator

Computes power for alpha with hypothesized means, standard deviation, and N.

Goodness of fit Chi-square

Computes chi square for departure from expected for one nominal variable based upon observed and expected distribution.

Contingency Table Chi Square

This computes Chi Square for a R x C contingency table

Statistics calculator

includes significance of correlations

Critical values for t

Input df to obtain critical values of t

Critical values for F

Input dfs to obtain critical values of F

Critical values for chi-square

Input df (r-1)*(c-1) to obtain critical values of chi-square

Two way Factorial ANOVA Calculator

This computes an ANOVA table for a two factor design with up to 4 levels of each variable.

External Tutorials

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has developed an extensive set of free teaching tutorials on statistics as well as other topics. Use these to get an additional review of computations and concepts.

Statistics fun

These youtube videos offer a variety of illustrations of the concepts in this course.